Create All Kind of Crystal

“LensBall“ from any Photo

No Hardware Required!

Out of any photo, Create unique  Crystal “LENSBALL“ effects…

With LensGlobePhotos you have so many control so you can be super creative, with here the WYSIWYG principle applying :

*  Layers: You can  combine many Globes…

* Fisheye Adjustments : Easily adjust the spherical effect from a blown-up fisheye to a vintage TV screen or a sunglasses lens.

* Lomo Adjustments : Cross process your photo and create the vintage look&feel of the original Fisheye Lomo camera

* Fade : Adjust the lens fade for a nicer rendering

* Color controls : A powerful split tone.

* Double exposure : Easily combine and blend-in another photo to create stunning multiple exposure effects these cameras were able to achieve...

* Direct Crop/Resize and Save : You have your creation ready for Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat without need of any other application!

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