Deconstruct to ReCreate!

So many Photos within One. Patchwork it and create a new piece of art.

This Application or Photoshop Plug-In is so versatile.. It is a one Collage or one Cubism show…

You decide about the number of columns/rows.

Then you can randomize a combination of each element of the grid Rotate/Size/Offset.

You have full control over what you wish to show and where to be.

You can also add global or individual SplitTones effect, thru a powerful dialog that let you adjust HighLights/Shadows separately.

Finally you can randomize opacity for each element of the grid, add a shadow, make it round, add a border, You combine thru more than 20 different blending mode to the background of choice.

All remain live, with instant adjustment..

Infinite are the possibilities!

PatchWorkPhotos Features

* Break any photo in the number of pieces you wish!

* Shatter, create Art, Adjust individually any piece!

* Save your parameters so you can load them back later.

* Patchwork and Offset/Size/Rotate to your heart content…

* Randomize or full Advanced Split Tones Adjustments...

* Blend (20 different modes provided) and create amazing effects.

* Mix with a background photo of your choice...

* High quality results on images of ANY size!

* Import / Save many file formats

Here is just a small sampler

of what Patchwork Photos can produce

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